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1M Project Podcast

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Dec 3, 2019

Episode 46 with Connie Tresedder

There are times when God begins to nudge us to move in a new direction with our lives and it's in these moments when we are faced with the choice of whether or not to act on what we are sensing.

Sometimes fear holds us back and paralyzes us from ever experiencing what it could feel like to walk out our greatest dreams.

On today's show, Connie Tresedder shares how she heard from God that she was supposed to start a business and how amazing this journey has been for her. She encourages listeners to join her on the adventure of trusting God.

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Contagious Life and Purpose Ministry

Unlock Your Purpose Book

Connie's Favorites:

Favorite Song

Never Lost by Elevation

Favorite Book

Hello, My Name Is by Matthew West

Hallie's Heart by Shelly Beach

Favorite Podcast

She walks in truth by Carrie Robaina

Inspiring words from Connie:

"I prayed, but I really didn't listen"