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1M Project Podcast

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Jan 28, 2020

Episode 52 with Pastor of Discipleship Missy Dokter

Missy refers to childhood memories as one being caught in the land of Dutch facades and she believes she's been called to shine the light on this issue and provide people with a safe place to be their true authentic self.

Missy's story will inspire you to be honest,...

Jan 21, 2020

Episode 51 with Dr. Ed Hatt

Most people don't expect to be spiritually encouraged after their annual checkup at the Doctors office, but that's not the case for Dr. Ed Hatt's patients.

Dr. Hatt hasn't always viewed his practice through a ministering lens. It wasn't until he began to go through some personal challenges...

Jan 14, 2020

Episode 50 with Kim Worpel

Kim saw education as her ticket out from the disfunction she was facing. Once she slowed down and listened to where her heart was leading her go, she set her eyes on becoming a Psychologist.

During the show Kim shares the secret to her success and how the Holy Spirit leads her in her...

Jan 7, 2020

Episode 49 with Dr. Mike Morea

As a little boy, Mike Morea had all the odds stacked against him. He came from a split home, lived in a low-income home, and had real anger issues that were affecting his life. A man named Mr. Smith appeared on the scene and used his words to help redirect Mike on his path. He and Mike's...