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1M Project Podcast

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Mar 24, 2020

Episode 58 with Psychiatrist Amber Shull

Amber grew up in Muskegon Heights being raised by a single mother, and with her grandfather living next door. She faced many setbacks but saw each of them as an opportunity for growth.

Amber shares how God used her to expose corruption, try a new career hat, and extend grace to those suffering with any form of mental illness.

#surrender #womenleader #divorce #splitfamily#overcomer #curruption #muskegonheights #mentalhealth #faith #esthermoment #positionedforpurpose #psychiatist #physicianassistant

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Amber Mentions:

Harbour Towne Health

Inspiring words from Amber:

"It is so rewarding when your patients come into your office and say thank you for helping save my life"